Volet app Features

With Volet app you can see your account balance at any time and easily track and monitor every transaction you make.

Multiple layers of dynamic encryption for more secure, authenticated way to process payments while faster, more convenient way to send and receive money.

Instant transactions without the hassle of exchanging bank details between Volet app users.

It takes just a few minutes to set up your Volet account and bring all your payment details together in one place.

Shop with Volet

Choose Volet at checkout and you can skip entering your financial info when you make a purchase. Volet protection helps you shop with confidence. Simply scan the QR code at the cashier and you are good to go.

Get paid by customers

Whether you’re selling on a marketplace, offering a service online, or setting up a store, we will help you get paid fast and secure.

Why choose Volet ?

With Volet you enjoy fast transfers, easy navigation, and access to your money at any time and anywhere with the highest level of security.


Pay by scanning QR codes. This is especially convenient when purchasing online. You no longer need to enter bank details or do double confirmations.

Mobile Volet

The only wallet that you will ever need. Have your money with you anywhere you go and easily access your account balance and payment history.


Receive notifications about incoming and outgoing payments in real-time. Respond fast and keep going with your important activities.


Your payments and personal information are kept safe, and your security is our priority as we developed comprehensive anti-fraud and AML measurements

AI Verification

Using AI as quick and secure way of identity verification for seamless onboarding experience


It’s easy for Volet wallet holders to send and receive money. You just need an email address or phone number

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And start paying with Volet.

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