ELI Ident AI

ELI Ident is a quick and secure way of identity verification using our in-house engineered AI models.

We identified AI as an effective solution in terms of cost and time. It can manage and screen high values of customer profiles, automate repetitive tasks while cutting down on manual labor, and reducing the risk of human error.

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Fastest and safest ID verification

OTP code mobile verification
ID scan verification
KYC video liveliness check
KYC audio

Fraud Prevention and KYC Services

Identify dynamic opportunities with identity verification solutions that synergize human and artificial intelligence.

Our AI will get you verified quick

ELI Ident provides seamless customer onboarding experience, reduces costs, increases conversion, and deter fraudulent attempts.

OTP Authentication

Extra layer of security in the form of authenticating using dynamically generated passwords for one-time use.

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ID Scan Verification

AI-powered solution for the highly reliable and quick verification of your customer's ID.

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KYC Video Verification

Face verification solutions for accurate identity verification using Liveliness detection, AI mapping techniques, Microexpressions analysis and other.

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KYC Audio Verification

Speech recognition solution using speech-to-text services and extracted text matching for an extra layer of security and fraud protection.

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